BoF session at FOSDEM 2024: AlekSIS - What are the needs of a free school information system?


AlekSIS is a free school information system helping with digitisation of school organisation. AlekSIS is currently mainly used by German schools, so we would like to get some additional feedback from people working in educational institutions around Europe and/or are interested in school digitisation on the following discussion points:

  • What features does a school information system need? What are you thinking about the features AlekSIS has implemented already?
  • What are the main challenges of school digitisation?
  • Which legal or organisational requirements does your country have for school digitisation?

With the feedback collected from this session, we would like to improve AlekSIS and make it usable for a broader, more international audience.


There were attendees coming from Finland, Spain, and Belgium. At least one person was actually teaching.

We did a short introduction on what AlekSIS is and what we wanted to do in the BoF session.

From the following discussion, we got some insight into different countries:

  • Finland
    • each person has a government-issued id number
    • in addition to that, they introduced a so-called learner id
      • used to separate personal data and educational data (privacy by design)
      • used for the whole educational life (from kindergarten to university)
      • also issued by the government
      • used for SSO
    • school administration is completely centralised and done on government servers
  • Spain
    • very intrasparent, administration uses some kind of software but it’s not possible to get insight
    • data privacy concerns with AWS
  • Belgium
    • school administration is digitised (like timetables etc.)
    • but there could be done more, it’s still a kind of unflexible